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Hair By Ashley is the most trusted Hairdresser in Chester. For some, their hair can simply be a nuisance that they need to maintain and clean up. But we feel that hair can be far more than that. Hair can shape the way that others see you. A new hairstyle can come across as bold, exciting, innovative. It can make people feel beautiful or strong. It can be an expression of taste and mood! Whether you’re looking for a simple cut or have a specific style in mind, Hair By Ashley can make anything happen when it comes to your hair. Come in today and see for yourself.

Matrix Total Results So Long Damage Iron Tamer strengthens and repairs distressed and fragile hair. Transforming the weak and brittle strands into a waterfall of decadence and strength, Total Results So Long Damage Iron Tamer ensures that the breakage of the hair is reduced by up to 83%. This high-performance intensive treatment feature's Matrix's innovative Cuticle Rebond TechnologyÙ to restore life and health to damaged hair. Infused with Ceramide, this innovative elixir deeply reconstructs the hair fibre for salon perfect results. The tresses are left looking healthy with a glossy shine, and feel beautifully stronger and more manageable. Iron out imperfections and get the glossy locks you have always dreamed of with Total Results So Long Damage Iron Tamer.


Matrix So Long Damage Iron Tamer

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